Never use!!!

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I ordered a bed frame from it arrived it was damaged.

I tried as hard as I could to get ahold of anyone from the company to help me return the product. Never did they answer my calls, return my messages, or reply to my e-mails! Now I am stuck with an expensive broken bedframe sitting in my entryway.

I tried to file a complaint with the BBB but even they said the company was impossible to get ahold of and they dropped my claim.Don't get suckered in because is a total rip off!

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Do not order from!!!

Astatula, Florida 3 comments
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I ordered a bed from According to the website it was supposed to be delivered in 1-2 weeks.I waited over a month and it never came.

I tried to contact the company and found out there isn't even a way to speak with a live person! I couldn't cancel my order through them, so finally I called the credit card I used to make the purchase and had them remove the charge from my card.

Do not order from this company!They appear to have good prices, but you will pay by waiting a ridiculously long time to receive your purchase, if you ever get it!

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I placed an order with this company over the 4th of July weekend (7-7-2012) and after reading some reviews I decided to cancel the order.There was no one ever there at to anwser my call to cancel the order.

Every time I logged in to check my status it read PENDING. I sent an email stating to cancel my order. I then called my CC and told them to cancel my order. On Monday I received an email from a person at the company and they told me that I cannot cancel my order due to a 24 hour notice (which was on a weekend and no one was at the place) and then processed the order on that Monday.

Now my order status reads 7/9/2012 Processing Order approved and communicated to warehouse for shipping. Very shady people at this location. I am lucky I called my CC this weekend before they decided to go ahead and process the order.

Goes to show they are willing to do anything to take your money.I would STAY AWAY.


:( Ordered a bed in Dec. 2007 cost me total of almost 400 dollars. I have never received anything from They do not even receive emails and only auto answer on phone. All who consider doing business with are

going to lose there money. Do not do business with


Sparta, North Carolina, United States #6597

Got the money from my credit card company by calling the dispute department...


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Do not shop at They sent me a damaged bed, took my money and them apparently went "bankrupt" which is sad for them concidering they had a great thing going on riping people off.

And they went out with a bang sending people damaged goods and running with their money. Now I have to deal with all my credit cards. What ***.

Please do not shop at their *** online rip off. I am warning people. That is just so messed up what they did. I do not want anyone else to pay 1,000 dollars and get ripped off, waiting for your bed to arrive.

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TotalBedroom - Took my money, bed came damaged, no refund.

Temple, Texas 3 comments
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On Feb 1, 2008 bed arrived badly damaged.I refused shipment and immediately notified by email.

They sent questions about the product and delivery which I immediately answered, and am still waiting (3-10-08) for a refund or some kind of communication with them. Can't even look at my account or order status on their website. They have my money, I have nothing but heartburn.

If anyone knows anything about how to get in touch with this company other than by email, please post here. I have found that they are in chapter 11 at this time.

I'm sure the judge overseeing the chapter 11 would be interested.

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Sparta, North Carolina, United States #6595

I got the refund from my credit card company while calling the dispute department... Thnks

Ishpeming, Michigan, United States #6268

I had a very similar situation with their sister company, I agree with Lisa. Contact your credit card company immediately and file a billing dispute.

Toms River, New Jersey, United States #5214

I know that the company closed on 2/9/08.My suggestion would be to contact your credit card company and explain the situation and file a dispute.

It may take a while but you will get your money back that way.Hope this helps.

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